Pereview is the only Life of the Asset platform supporting both the business and technical requirements, creating a trusted single source of the truth. With Pereview, you will break down the information siloes at any step of your investment lifecycle, between internal departments and external partners. 

The only solution that supports the entire Life of the Asset.


Get rid of your scattered Excel files. Don’t waste your time endlessly managing complex transactions. Pereview provides a simple and seamless system to keep track of your assets and manage transactions

Origination Pipeline

Handle all the various types of financial information and documents needed to find leverage.

Screening / Underwriting

Automate parts of your underwriting process and connect your Excel models to Pereview.


Conveniently track where you are in the process of getting financing on your investment – borrow selection, rate lock, under contract – and then easily use this information to set up the financing once the investment is closed.


Organize and streamline the closing process, reducing risk, time and costs.

Loan Asset Management

Gain fast access to reliable information.   

Experience better insight and faster reporting times, elevating your asset management by having all your asset data in one place. In fact, we’ve put together all this information into one simple tool, which allows anyone managing a portfolio of commercial loans to bring in data from:

  • Loan level leveraged and unleveraged cash flows
  • Servicing provider details
  • Interest rate data
  • Spread indexes 
  • Collateral management with property financials and details 
  • Capital stack reporting
  • Borrower Guarantor information 
  • Connect Proprietary Excel models to Pereview

Portfolio & Fund Management

Roll up information across all assets

Gain the ability to roll up and see how your overall portfolio is performing.   Nobody else offers this level of granular insight into each loan or asset throughout the portfolio. 

  • Readily know your exposure by borrower, property type, region and more
  • Quickly determine the balance of your portfolio that is fixed vs. floating interest rate
  • Understand loan level maturities immediately
  • Level set cashflows throughout the portfolio with efficiency
  • Automate all your internal and external investor reporting
  • Connect your proprietary Excel models to Pereview for two-way, fast, secure data transfer. 


Reporting done your way

No two real estate companies do real estate the same way. Pereview provides customizable dashboards and reports that are made just for you.  We don’t force you to change your business to fit Pereview’s reporting, but rather we support your unique set of KPIs and custom reports.

  • Out-of-the-box library
    • Reports and dashboards that are available to you when you first log in.
  • Customization throughout the system
    • Dashboards to view all your metrics.
    • Automate investor and management reports
    • Powerful ad hoc views to answer any question your organization or customers may have.
  • Fingertip analysis
    • Manage data at the tips of your fingers throughout the capital stack from the Fund down to the granular lease level details.
  • Visual KPIs
    • Pereview combines everything an asset manager needs to track what matters, freeing up valuable time to focus on increasing asset performance.

Data Capture Options

Connect to data like never before

Pereview ensures you capture all your data in a secure, timely manner with data validation and data governance. No other CRE provider understands your asset data the way Pereview does.

  • Integrate with other systems
    • Pereview has robust APIs to import and export data.
    • We have also built integrations with leading software providers in the commercial real estate space to facilitate bringing in data from third-party property managers, Operating Partners, your own internal systems, etc.
  • Variance Portal access
    • Your third-party providers can log in to Pereview and simply upload their financial and operating information directly into your database.

Data Management Services

Pereview’s Data Management Service is a service we provide designed to manage the process of receiving, validating and uploading data from third-party providers for you.

  • Give your team back valuable time.
  • Your real estate experts, let us focus on loading data so your team can spend more time managing their investments.
  • Real-time reporting – quickly see which properties have submitted data and are ready for your review and approval.
  • Trusted and validated data
    • Each file goes through over 70 different validation steps to ensure your data is accurate.
    • Your third-party partners can continue to submit data in their existing format and chart of accounts.

Excel Modeling

Pereview believes that Excel is the best modeling tool in the world but at the same time the worst database. Therefore, Pereview gives our clients the best of both worlds by allowing our clients to take their unique Excel models (underwriting valuations, asset level business plan, portfolio rollout model, etc.) and connect to Pereview for a two-way secure transfer. Giving you the best of both worlds.

The Life of the Asset® Solution

Want to reap the benefits of your software solution for the entire asset lifecycle, from acquisition all the way to disposition? Let’s talk about how your firm can utilize Pereview to manage all of your commercial real estate assets.

Pereview is the only software solution you need. It integrates siloed systems and processes, allows for push-button reporting, creates a single source of truth, and establishes standard workflows and guidelines for asset and data management.

Put the Pereview team to work for your firm today.