Save Time on Data Load & Validation with Data Management Services

Experience the convenience of AI-powered data load complemented by the expertise of Pereview’s validation team

Collect, clean, and validate third-party data with the help of our data experts

Empower your asset management team by offloading the time-consuming task of gathering, organizing, and validating monthly and/or quarterly files from OPs, PMCs, or any other third parties with Pereview’s specialized data management specialists.

Our team will collect your data directly, so asset managers are freed from the burden of tracking down property-level data and reports.  Once received, our team identifies any data irregularities, addresses them, and performs validation so your data is up to date.

Every client on the Pereview Platform has the freedom to engage this service at any time.

Significant time and cost savings

Using Pereview Data Management Services, clients can save 160 or more hours per month – equivalent to a full-time employee.  Here are some of the most valuable ways this service helps you achieve more.

The 4 values Pereview delivers for portfolio and asset managers


We check the balance sheet and income statement and convert files from other formats if necessary.


Files often arrive at sporadic times of the month or quarter, making it difficult for your staff to manage. Pereview Data Management Service handles this seamlessly, augmenting your team with our specialized skillset.


We reconcile accounting issues, guide operators on proper file formats, and ensure accurate chart of account mapping.


Reclaim valuable time formerly spent uploading data. Delegate this task to Pereview’s specialized team and focus on higher-level activities for greater impact.

How Pereview’s Data Management Services solve your biggest data challenges

Seamless data handling by dedicated specialists

We’re from the real estate industry and experts in more than just technology. Our team of dedicated Pereview Data Specialists understand how to format, normalize, and align your data with Pereview’s data model so you don’t have to hire additional staff or burden employees with this techie task.

Pereview leads the industry in real estate data management, and our AI capabilities are transforming the way you handle your data. We are using AI to accelerate data load, processing, and validation so your platform instance is always up-to-date and accurate.

All with minimal impact on Operating Partners since they can continue using their native files.

Our monthly and/or quarterly financial statement and operational packages include:

  • Rent rolls, tenancy schedules, and trial balances
  • Review for discrepancies and anomalies before upload to the Pereview asset management platform
  • Clean data following more than 40 unique validation rules ensures accurate reconciliations and consistent formatting