PCCP, LLC, a Los Angeles-based commercial real estate firm, has chosen Pereview Software by Saxony Partners to support their growing Real Estate portfolio.

“We have been using numerous software solutions for years,” said Mike Hoyt, senior vice president at PCCP. “But our asset management, transactions and finance teams simply needed more. We were tired of siloed data across our portfolio of owned assets.”

Pereview is the only all-in-one asset management platform that manages all of your data across the entire Life of the Asset™. By aggregating, integrating, and interpreting your internal and external disparate data into a single source of truth, Pereview provides actionable insights into every step of the investment lifecycle.

According to Hoyt, PCCP’s large portfolio and diverse asset mix translates to lots of operating partners – not to mention, lots of data. Investing nationally across the spectrum of risk from Core-plus to Opportunistic, and analyzing both debt and equity transactions, PCCP has accumulated a significant amount of data. While PCCP’s current mix of database systems is utilized to help inform decisions and manage the portfolio, the scale of the information and growth of the portfolio required something different. In the current environment, even simple inquiries like occupancy reports required hunting through various databases to consolidate actuals and projections across multiple asset classes. Pereview simplifies the process and ensures clean consistent data.

“With the Pereview platform, we will drive decision-making on our trusted data faster than before all while being supported by a team of industry professionals who understand our business firsthand. We are excited about our ability to continue to grow and utilize our data in a true business intelligence system” Hoyt said.

“We are very proud to be aligning with PCCP and to play a role in their continuing success” said Daryl Pitts, senior vice president of sales for Pereview at Saxony Partners. “After using a competitor solution for three years, PCCP simply needed more and we are honored that they determined Pereview was the platform they had been hoping to someday find.”

“We look forward to exceeding all expectations in delivering powerful software and world class support that helps PCCP continue to be among the best at what they do, seeking to generate quality returns and yields for their investors.”

PCCP will leverage Pereview’s expert integrations with other internal, third-party licensed, and operating partner property level data sources (as well as Excel models) in order to capture all data in their ecosystem. This will support PCCP’s mission to be the most credible investor and trusted advisor in the real estate investment management industry.

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