If you’re familiar with Pereview Software, maybe you’ve heard this claim: Pereview is the only commercial real estate asset management platform that manages data throughout the entire Life of the Asset®.

I want to dive deeper into what we mean by this statement and explore how Pereview impacts each stage of the real estate asset lifecycle, starting this week by focusing on acquisitions.

What Is Pereview

The first thing you should know about Pereview is that this is a platform built by real estate industry veterans specifically for the real estate industry. That said, we know that transactions and asset management teams need a 360-degree view of the asset in order to be more efficient at what they do.

How Pereview Impacts Real Estate Acquisitions

Now, let’s talk about how Pereview delivers that boost to efficiency, starting with the beginning of the asset lifecycle: real estate acquisitions.

Acquisition teams are constantly on the look-out for their next deal – but is the next deal the right deal? Determining the right deal means examining the fund’s investment strategy to determine if it aligns with the existing portfolio. There is a lot of work involved in chasing down potential deals, conducting due diligence and underwriting potential acquisitions – and for many, it involves a little of what we like to call “Excel Hell.”

Would it not be better to have all that data in a centralized software platform, where you can quickly answer ad-hoc questions on the impact of a new acquisition on the existing portfolio? How about a single dashboard with up-to-date transaction statuses and information?

With Pereview, transaction information is entered and tracked throughout the deal, from the beginning to the end of the asset lifecycle. Starting with real estate acquisitions, all the way to portfolio management and eventually, disposition.

Other departments can leverage this data both during the acquisitions process and after a deal is closed. Weekly deal pipeline reports are automated and information about the transaction is made readily available with no re-keying of the entry once the asset is now in an owned status. Pereview supports both equity and debt transactions (loan originations and loan acquisitions).

Of course, acquisition is just the beginning – quite literally. What if you had the ability to connect your Excel underwriting and valuations models to this all-in-one database to avoid introducing dirty data, Excel Hell, and other high-risk inputs?

What if a single click could display the reports you need? What if all of your deal pipeline reports were automated (complete with region, MSA, asset type, year constructed, strategy, CapRate, and more) for fast comparison and analysis to other deals in the pipeline?

What if you wanted additional comparisons across your portfolio for current and market rent of nearby properties?

All of this – and more – is possible with Pereview.

The Benefits of Pereview

Pereview is fully customizable – but comes straight out of the box with robust Acquisition dashboards it connects with existing underwriting Excel models so you can store your underwriting assumptions and cashflows for easy reporting. In Pereview, transaction information is entered and tracked throughout the deal, from beginning to end.

The result is that other departments can leverage all of this data during and after the acquisition process.

Over the next several weeks, we will continue our deep dive into how Pereview impacts all stages of the Life of the Asset® beyond real estate acquisitions.

Jeff Wilson

Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Pereview Software