How do you solve dirty data problems? By integrating all your data into one place, ending the practice of Excel-as-a-database, and through integration and automation. In short, by adopting Pereview by Saxony Partners as your Life of the Asset® solution.

Every (yes, every) commercial real estate asset management firm deals with dirty data.

We’re talking about data that is miscategorized, siloed, incomplete, or otherwise inaccurate. Such data makes work more complicated and increases your operational and reputational risks.

When you select Pereview as your commercial real estate asset software, we will immediately create a plan to identify dirty data, clean it, and keep it clean. Here’s how we solve dirty data problems.

Identifying Dirty Data Problems

Identifying dirty data begins with a business process review.

During that review, many of the company’s regular reports will be reproduced and compared with previous reporting. Inconsistencies between these reports will have nowhere to hide.

Cleaning Dirty Data

Next, Pereview’s team will help you devise processes for cleaning dirty data (and keeping it clean).

We’ll work with you to execute the forensic investigation and reconcile dirty data. Doing so will improve workforce efficiency, increase productivity, mitigate risks, and establish a firm foundation that will allow your firm to do more with your data.

Now, cleaning data and keeping data clean are two different things. We’ll help you do the latter by establishing strict guidelines around data governance, implementing standardization, improving internal communications, and through the proprietary software solutions Pereview provides.

Preventing Dirty Data Problems

Creating the Playbook

Standardization forces companies to clearly outline data governance processes, definitions, categorizations, and accountability into one playbook. This process for creating the playbook will be led by the company’s chief information or technology officer (along with the Pereview team). Input from everyone who is directly involved in data governance and maintaining data integrity must be included.

Once created, we help distribute and implement this playbook in every department within your organization. The accountability measures outlined within the playbook must be followed to ensure that siloes are not being rebuilt.

Standardization and Reporting

Pereview will build standardization into your reporting processes. Because this is impossible to achieve within the Excel environment, we’ll integrate your all of your data into Pereview’s secure database.

From there, you can collect, secure, and manage data across the entire life of the asset, radically reducing the amount of time and personnel needed to execute your monthly and quarterly reports. Having all of your data in one holistic system greatly reduces the chances of dirty data.

At every step along this journey, Pereview’s expert team will be there to provide advice, support, and implementation.

How Pereview Can Help

The solution for dirty data problems is Pereview Software by Saxony Partners.

An all-in-one commercial real estate asset software solution, Pereview is the only Life of the Asset® platform on the market today. It integrates siloed systems and processes, allows for push-button reporting, creates a single source of truth, and establishes standard workflows and guidelines for asset and data management.

Let’s repeat it one more time: Every commercial real estate management firm has some dirty data. So, let’s chat about how we can ensure that your firm’s data is clean, accessible, and secure.