Pereview will aggregate all of Fairway America’s Operating Partner native property level data

Commercial real estate and private equity investment firm Fairway America has chosen Pereview Software to support its growing portfolio.

Fairway America is a full-service private equity and advisory firm specializing in commercial real estate asset-based investments across the U.S. middle market. It’s headquartered in Portland, OR. 

“We’ve always been very good at tracking our data and producing quality reports for our investors,” said John Wilson, CFO at Fairway America. “But with our growth it has simply become a time-consuming chore. Pereview allows us to automate our asset reporting and perform deeper analytics across our fund and asset level data. This gives us greater insights as we continue to outperform our competitors.

Direct access to trustworthy data

Pereview’s data validations allow users to directly access trustworthy data all in one place. Wilson says this will result in efficiencies not previously achievable at Fairway America. “It gives us a centralized repository of all of our clean data with no more silos enabling us to confidently make data-driven decisions to drive value for 100% of investors,” he said.

Pereview is the only all-in-one asset management platform that manages all of a client’s data across the entire asset lifecycle from acquisition to disposition. Pereview provides actionable insights and delivers unparalleled reporting and analytics capabilities – all by aggregating, integrating, and interpreting internal and external disparate data into a single source of truth.

Daryl Pitts, senior vice president of global sales for Pereview, said they will aggregate all of Fairway America’s Operating Partner native property level data into the Pereview platform. Pereview will connect to Fairway America’s commercial, multifamily and self-storage valuation, underwriting, budget and waterfall Excel models to fully capture all historical and projected data in their ecosystem.

“We are very excited to expand the rapidly growing Pereview customer base into the Northwest,” he said. “We’re honored to be partnering with such an experienced team of real estate visionaries that know the power of data and how they can continue growing their portfolio with it. Having all of their data in one place will allow Fairway America’s transaction, asset management, fund and portfolio, IR, and marketing teams (plus senior leadership) to do more with their data across the entire Life of the Asset®. 

About Fairway America

Fairway America is a full-service private equity and advisory firm specializing in commercial real estate asset-based investments across the United States middle market. Our mission is to give investors access to the vast, highly fragmented and opportunity-laden middle market, and to provide a combination of critical operational functions and capital to our Operating Partners.

Our position of strength is grounded in the unique value proposition we bring to our relationships with select middle market commercial real estate sponsors and managers. This network, combined with our deep market experience and value investing mindset, gives us access to investment opportunities that are often off-market and exclusive. To learn about our value investing strategies, develop an understanding of the real estate middle market investment opportunities, and review our current investment offerings, visit our website at Fairway America.

About Pereview Software

Pereview is the fastest growing provider of asset management software and portfolio analytics to the global commercial real estate industry. Agnostic to OP platforms and preferred by LP’s, GP’s, Institutional Investors, Owners and Managers, Pereview is built by real estate professionals for real estate professionals.

By aggregating, integrating and interpreting your internal and external disparate data into the industry’s only all-in-one platform, Pereview provides actionable insights into every step of the investment lifecycle. Drive NOI, break down silos and make stronger, more accurate decisions based on your accurate and governed data.

Pereview offers full visibility into the Life of The Asset®; transactions, asset, and portfolio management data are all in one place, across equity and debt. Pereview offers out of the box and customization options. We help you as a real estate professional make more trusted decisions and Do More With Your Data®. Fully scalable for real estate portfolios from $100M to $100B+ in AUM. Visit Pereview Software, connect with us on LinkedIn, or call us at (800) 379–2975 for more information and to arrange a demo.