Why Intercontinental Real Estate Corporation picked Pereview as their asset management solution

This week, I sat down with Manon Palandjian of Intercontinental Real Estate Corporation to catch up on how she and the firm are fairing as we move into the new year.

Intercontinental picked Pereview as their asset management software solution in 2020. Manon explains why the firm picked Pereview and what value the software will drive for Intercontinental in the years to come. 

First, a little about Intercontinental. Intercontinental is an SEC-registered Investment Adviser with decades of experience in real estate investment, finance, development, construction management, and asset management. Since 1959, Intercontinental and its affiliates have managed, developed, or owned collectively over $14.5 billion in real estate property. Today, Intercontinental manages a real estate portfolio of approximately $10 billion for its clients.  

Daryl Pitts, Pereview: Manon, can you compare and contrast business before adopting Pereview and what you now envision with Pereview? 

Manon Palandjian, IREC: “We’re very excited to centralize our data and have it readily accessible. There are a significant number of requests that require our teams pulling data from multiple locations – Excel files, presentations, emails, etc. Our current processes are tedious and very time consuming, and I’m confident that Pereview will help us make huge leaps with efficiency and data accessibility.”

DP: What is the single most important value that you believe Pereview will deliver for Intercontinental? 

MP: “Simply put, we’re looking for efficiency and transparency. One of the most critical reasons we licensed Pereview is because we are looking to increase efficiency across our asset management, portfolio management, and data analytics teams. Pereview is helping us streamline many of our RFPs and required reports, as well as various data and client requests. In addition, it will allow my team to access vital information about our assets in a digestible, user friendly fashion.”

DP: That’s great, Manon. We’re honored that you chose our product and excited to deliver this type of value to Intercontinental – especially as we begin moving into a post-pandemic future.

MP: “Of course!”

DP: Speaking of the pandemic, COVID-19 has upset the event calendar for everyone. Prior to 2020, what have been some of your favorite industry events and functions to attend?

MP: “We’ve had the great fortune of working alongside many charities in the Boston area – the charitable-based events and volunteering days are certainly my favorite.”

DP: Let’s end with a couple of questions just about you. What are your favorite sports teams?

MP: “I love all Boston and New England sports teams – Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins, and Boston College! I’ve also recently added the Cleveland Browns to my list of favorites.

DP: And what’s been your favorite Pereview-related moment during this pandemic?

MP: “It’s certainly been a fun and interesting journey experiencing our implementation fully online and over Zoom! It’s led to some surprise appearances from families, pets, and other special guests.”