Singerman Real Estate, a Chicago-based private equity fund manager, faced challenges in streamlining reporting and aggregating data for a diverse portfolio investing in multiple asset classes. Since the firm is not vertically integrated, the portfolio and asset management teams were faced with a wide variety of data sources and formats being provided by third-party Property Management Companies (PMCs), various systems, and other sources leading to inefficiencies and reporting challenges. The firm needed a flexible real estate asset management platform to standardize and centralize data aggregation to enhance its capabilities.

Watch the video or read the case study with Singerman’s Charlie Kellogg, CFO and COO, and Jen Millen, Manager of Portfolio Reporting, to learn more about Singerman’s outcomes with Pereview.

About Singerman Real Estate

Based in Chicago, Singerman Real Estate is an opportunistic real estate investment firm that has deep experience executing complex transactions and unlocking embedded value through ownership of properties, real estate loans, and operating companies. The firm focuses on maximizing risk-adjusted returns through investments in both debt and equity across all major asset classes.  


Diversified Portfolio 

  • Multiple asset classes
  • Managed by various third-party managers and OPs
  • Complexities in data aggregation and integration

Siloed Data 

  • Non-vertically aligned structure
  • Couldn’t mandate partners adopt a single system
  • Need to manage data from a variety of sources efficiently and seamlessly

Reporting Complexity

  • Data stored in disparate formats and systems
  • Need for a platform flexible enough to support reporting the way their investors expect
  • Unable to provide decision-makers and investors with quick access to data and reports


Pereview’s real estate asset management platform emerged as the ideal solution for Singerman’s data management challenges. Unlike template-based options, Pereview offered the flexibility needed to accommodate Singerman’s diverse portfolio. Its ability to aggregate data in a standardized manner, regardless of the source or format, aligned perfectly with the firm’s requirements.  

Previously, Singerman received reports from multiple managers in various formats, including MRI, Yardi, Excel, and others. Pereview simplifies this process by allowing the seamless upload and export of data. This enables Singerman to compare properties across asset classes effortlessly and eliminates the need for manual consolidation. By centralizing data from various partners and systems, Pereview ensures consistency and accessibility, empowering Singerman to make informed decisions efficiently. 

“I wanted to create a situation where we would be able to get data in an apples-to-apples situation and be able to quickly take that data and make it available to our decision-makers and investors.”

Charlie Kellogg, CFO & COO of Singerman Real Estate

Enhanced Reporting

Pereview’s intuitive interface facilitates report creation tailored to Singerman’s specific needs. By leveraging similar report templates across asset classes, Singerman can generate customized reports swiftly, saving time and resources. The platform’s standardized format also eliminates cumbersome Excel sheets, ensuring consistency and ease of analysis. 

“There’s no more clunky Excel. It’s all formatted the way we want it in one report that’s very easy for comparison purposes.”

Jen Millen, Manager of Portfolio Reporting, Singerman Real Estate

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