If you’re considering Pereview as your Life of the Asset solution or if you are already a happy Pereview customer, you may be curious about the team of professionals who update and support our software.

We sat down for a Q&A session with each of our team members and asked them to talk a little bit about what drives them to pursue excellence and what makes them who they are.

Getting to Know Our Team: Andre Key

What is your role and what do you like the most about it? 

Senior Developer – My main role is performing ETL which is a critical role in data integration. The thing I like most about it is automating data uploads by creating a package that consumes client data from various types of files and transforms it to be used by our software.

Why do you choose to work for Pereview?  

Pereview has a great team of employees who work well together. I chose them because of this, and because the software is a really good product. It’s something that will continue to grow in the future as more companies understand the benefits of its use.           

In your opinion, what unique value does Pereview most bring to our customers? 

Managing the life of the asset in one software is the most unique value Pereview offers its customers.

Our core values as a company are A TEAM: Always Do the Right Thing, Take Ownership, Entrepreneurial, Accountable, Make Work Fun. How have you applied those to your job? 

Our core values are something that we use daily to ensure our success. I always take ownership of my work and hold myself accountable for providing excellent results. We work great together as a team through constant communication and helping each other as needed even while working remotely during this pandemic.  Most importantly, we do all of this while having fun.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of the office?

I like spending time with family and friends when I’m outside of the office. When I’m not with them, you can find me at the gym or outdoors doing a fitness related activity.

If you could watch one movie for the rest of your life, what would it be?