In what is becoming a familiar story, AI is one of the top trends that will impact real estate funds in the coming year, according to EY.  

What might the impacts of this rapidly growing technology be? The possibilities run the gamut of CRE functions like these:  

  • Generating financial reports and forecasts 
  • Risk assessment and compliance 
  • Cash flow models, appraisals, and market data 
  • Data ingestion 

AI capabilities are coming soon to Pereview, joining our new Workflows, which automate routine, repetitive, manual tasks, encourage accountability and support compliance. 

Pereview is accelerating data aggregation with AI, and we’re streamlining front-office workflows with ad-hoc and out-of-the-box capabilities – saving time and effort every month for clients who adopt this functionality.  

Among the areas where our clients are already making strides in automated workflows are: 

  • Creating workflows for lease approval requests 
  • Using workflows to automatically request monthly reviews of financial reports 
  • Tracking asset-level decisions across teams, such as accounting, analysts, asset managers, and managing directors 

These are just a small sample of the possibilities for our automation. To see the potential for automation in Pereview, schedule a 15-minute conversation