“One of the biggest challenges for any growing company is gathering and organizing data from various operating and database systems in an efficient manner. Pereview streamlines the process and provides access to our investment data and risk metrics in real-time.” 

              – Paul Sparks, Executive Chairman at RealOp Investments

It’s not uncommon to hear the term “siloed data” across any number of industries – but what does it mean for commercial real estate, specifically? And is it affecting your business?

If an investor has a question, how long do you want to keep them waiting for an answer (regardless of how much money they have in your fund)? Or if your Chief Investment Officer needs the previous 12 months of occupancy and tenant exposure data to support and pursue a big, new opportunity … how long should they wait?

If you have siloed data, these two will be waiting a while.

The Problems with Siloed Data

Tracking down and making sense of siloed real estate data leads to frantic phone calls, shouting over cubicle walls, and sprints down the hall. You’ll be hunting for Excel spreadsheets – from which you’ll be cutting and pasting pivot tables. And that’s if you can find them – because the latest version of the file you need may be on someone else’s desktop.

Now, that’s meant to be an exaggeration – at least we hope so! Some real estate investment management firms have much sharper processes in place. But does this ring true at all for you? If so, Pereview could be the right platform for your firm.

Pereview aggregates all of your data into one place, across the entire Life of the Asset®.

With data no longer trapped in silos, it doesn’t matter what spreadsheets are on whose laptops – you won’t be spending precious bandwidth tracking down Excel files any longer. Your CIO gets the data she or he needs at the click of a button. The investor need not wait for an answer to a data-related question.

Pereview clients are living this reality – even in the midst of a world-shifting pandemic.

How Pereview Solves Siloed Data with Aggregation

I recently asked a vice president of a major retail fund (and Pereview client): What’s one efficiency gained through Pereview that helped during COVID? With zero hesitation, she told me how Pereview made her and her team so quick and efficient in answering questions internally and externally – and how it allowed her to provide accurate answers to her hundreds of investors. She tells me that their fund is the envy of all the other funds in which those investors are active.

To me, there’s simply nothing better than hearing a Pereview customer tell me about how this product is making their job easier.

If your commercial real estate organization is struggling with how to manage siloed data, reach out to our team at Pereview. Using our unique Life of the Asset® software, we can improve your aggregation and empower you to access the information you need quickly and efficiently.